Port Victoria Maritime Museum

Opening times:   
October - Easter
Sat. Sun. . 2-4 pm
Easter - September
Saturdays & Sundays 2-4 pm
All Year
Public Holidays 2-4 pm

Other times by appointment
Ph Elaine hall 88342068

Port Victoria Maritime Museum
is housed in the original general cargo shed which was brought out from England in kit form in 1877. It was erected at the landward end of the jetty.  The jetty took only seven months to build and was completed in January 1878. Household goods for the early settlers in the town and surrounding farmlands were brought by steamers from Port Adelaide and stored in the cargo shed until the settlers’ homes were completed.

inside museum
First Encounters Displays on:

Story of the local Narungga aboriginal people
Charting of the Spencer Gulf by Matthew Flinders and Nicholas Baudin

Port Victoria“The Last of the Windjammer Ports”
Displays include:
Farming and the town
The Great Grain Races around Cape Horn
Cape Horners
Shipwreck artifacts from around Wardang Is

pamirPort Victoria - Centre of the Grain Trade to EuropeCarting

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